Friday, February 13, 2009

The Joys of the Internet

The members of the Yahoo! Financial forum are now referring to me as "little hitler" (it's because I have a German last name, how clever) and suggesting I be sued for libel... That would get interesting. Perhaps they have never heard of The Streisand Effect?

It is unfortunate that what should be a mature, productive discussion has come to this. What is it about the internet that brings out the worst in people?

Anyways, it is very clear this issue should have never left a technical forum. I don't give stock tips; they shouldn't argue RFCs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sonus would never be stupid enough to try to get you in court (even though they make crappy stuff you want to kick most of the time).

OTOH, the guys/gals at that finance forum seem like a bunch of morons with keyboards (or bots, there's no logic and the grammar sucks :) ).

Anyway, you should be really bored to even consider replying to them, as they can't even make proper insults (I mean, little hitler - 10-year olds come with better stuff).

btw, any chance that Sonus will fix the problems? I guess you've spoken with them on this :)