Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AstLinux Updates

Just a few quick AstLinux updates:

1) FreeSWITCH support is just about done and has been committed to trunk. Still needs some testing but things look very promising. The installed binaries are much smaller than I thought (~3MB or so stripped and linked against uClibc). This includes some cool stuff like mod_xml_curl, mod_lua, mod_vmd, mod_snom, and more. As Tony pointed out 1.2MB of that 3MB is mod_sofia! As frustrating as that is at least mod_sofia includes IPV6, UDP, TCP, TLS, session timers, and just about every other relevant SIP standard... ;)

Small note but worth mentioning - FreeSWITCH is the first package to be committed without support for a keydisk of any kind. You need to use unionfs with this one!

2) OpenSER support has been moved to OpenSIPS. I'm still not sure about this one... I've got an existing relationship with Bogdan and all of my projects have been moved to OpenSIPS (instead of Kamailio or SER). We'll see what the community wants on this one (if AstLinux users care about a high performance SIP proxy at all).

3) RTPProxy upddate to 1.1. I love this software.

That's it for now!

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