Thursday, October 9, 2008

Submit Your SIP

Ever since I've started blogging and talking about SIP people have come out of the woodwork with SIP interop problems.

After giving a talk about SIP at Astricon 2008 I received several e-mails from audience members with specific SIP issues. I LOVE getting these e-mails.

Why? I love working on SIP issues. With all of the devices using SIP there is no shortage of interop problems. Just today a guy on the Asterisk mailing list had a problem with his Cisco AS5300 and Asterisk 1.2 Usually that wouldn't be a problem at all - many people (including myself) use this combination of hardware with great success.

Why was he having problems? His AS5300 was configured for GTD and Asterisk 1.2 (apparently) doesn't handle multipart SIP bodies very well. I was able to find a patch to Asterisk 1.4 to improve multipart body parsing. That was a fun one.

I got to thinking... There should be a place where people can exchange specific SIP interop tips and notes. Otherwise how are we supposed to get anything to work!?!?

I came up with such a place and it's called I' ve started to fill it in a little but hopefully (with time) it will become somewhat of a SIP wiki (with a focus on interop, of course).

I'm just getting started on it but I'll be working on my MediaWiki syntax and going back through my e-mail to dig out some of these examples.

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Anonymous said...

Dude! Dug your SIP post.
How about some more blog mate?
Hope to see you get up with the SIP sometime.

Hang in' large in B'town.