Friday, December 2, 2011

Star2Star Gets Noticed

Just a quick one today (and some shameless self promotion on my part)...  Star2Star has been recognized on a few "lists" this year, check it out:

Inc 500
Forbes 100 "Most Promising"

I'm lucky enough to tell people the same story all of the time - when I was a little kid I played with all of this stuff because I thought it was fun and I loved it.  Only later did I realize that one day I'd be getting paid for it.  I certainly never thought it could come to this!

Ok, enough of that for now.  I'll be getting back to some tech stuff soon...

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Bob Kundra said...

I liked your post. I have been a sales engineer in the telecom industry since 1971. I have seen the newtork change from analog to digital to proprietary VoIP to open SIP VoIP...very cool stuff. I agree with your comments about the iPhone changing the world...and we have just seen the beginning. The changes are going to be HUGE. The last major face lift to user signalling was when we went from dial pulse to touch tone. With that transition...entire new industry segments were born. Since DTMF allowed post could now signal to devices after the far end answered...and...voicemail, automated attendants and IVRs came into existance. Now...the user interface has been upgraded from DTMF to visual/touch screen. Imagine the new devices that will spring up to allow user to interact with this new interface. The first company I heard of that 'translates the new user interface back to DTMF for an existing call center is "fonolo". I am not advertising...I am just saying...this is just the beginning of a new wave of telecom product inventions and enhancements.