Monday, August 25, 2008

Nokia isn't ditching SIP

Someone sent me a link to a blog post about Nokia "turning it's back on VoIP". I know I can get pretty emotional from time to time, but at least I'm accurate when I do. At least I feel like I am, and that's all that matters, right?

Anyways, let's look at this post. The author points out that the new N78 and N96 no longer include the Symbian SIP client. This must mean Nokia is finally giving in to pressure from cell carriers in some huge scheme to enslave the mobile phone subscriber and direct all talk time over their network.

Follow up comments clarify the situation a bit. Nokia simply removed the interface to the SIP stack on the N series. It's still in the firmware and available to any third party developers, so the most "threatening" apps (Truphone, Gizmo, etc) will continue to work. People that just want to configure the phone to connect to their corporate/"personal" PBX will be out of luck. I love saying "personal" PBX. I have one. So do many of my friends. How geeky is that?

Why did the N series have a SIP interface in the first place? Anyone who has ever read my iPhone review knows that I believe teenagers and hipsters control a large chunk of the cellphone market which breaks down into three parts:

- Free (throw away) phones for moms, grandparents, and kids. Sign up for a two year contract and they're yours to keep! What a deal.
- Flashy phones for teenagers and hipsters (it's a better MP3 player/camera than phone)
- Serious business phones (Blackberry, Windows Mobile, most Symbian, etc)

The N series is (and always has been) a hipster phone. It's more likely to compete with the iPhone than the Blackberry or Nokia E-Series.

Speaking of the E-Series... The new Nokia E-71 still includes the SIP client. Nokia turning it's back on VoIP? I don't think so. Nokia learning a little more about their customers? Much more likely.

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