Thursday, July 10, 2008

Asterisk Cookbook

We've been trying to get the Asterisk Cookbook going. It's the same format as other O'Reilly cookbooks - practical instructions for specific problems posted as recipes, just like a cookbook you'd use in the kitchen (at least that's what people usually do with them).

I haven't contributed much but I have an excuse - I don't really work with Asterisk that much anymore. So, a couple of days ago I asked the other authors and editors if we could widen the scope of the book to include some of my favorite technologies. Anyone that reads this blog knows what that means - Cisco, OpenSER, etc. I plan on writing quite a bit about OpenSER. As I said in my OpenSER book review, OpenSER needs more press and documentation. Let's work on that!

I've now contributed three recipes! My SIP DoS/DDoS mitigation script and a couple OpenSER scripts. Some of the OpenSER stuff is a little obscure and probably won't make it to the final book. I'll be adding more OpenSER, Cisco, and SIPp stuff over the next days/weeks/months. Keep checking here and there for updates.

Oh, and if you feel like you have something to add, get a hold of one of the authors (myself, Jim, Leif, Matt, Jared, etc) and we can figure out how to get you an account on the wiki.

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