Friday, July 27, 2007

The Ultimate Geek Watch

I used to think watches were completely unnecessary and stupid. After all, my cellphone is always with me and is always synced to the right time. Why do I need a watch?

Then I found a white G-Shock. This watch has it all:

  • It's white
  • Atomic synced
  • Shock resistant (tough)
  • Vibration alarm
  • Thermometer
  • Solar Power
  • World Time
  • Movement sensor

I bought it a few months ago from Evidently it's imported by Mister Watch from Japan. Sure enough it came in the mail, complete with price tag (in yen) and a Japanese-only user's manual (G-Shock is made by Casio, a Japanese company).

Because I don't read Japanese it has been difficult to discover all of the features of this watch. The "movement sensor" that I described above is a good example. I was out with my friends one night in a dark bar and I lifted my wrist to look at the time. The back light automatically came on once I twisted my wrist a certain way. At first I thought it was a fluke. My friends were convinced I was somehow controlling it with my wrist, mind, etc. Oh no, it was the movement sensor.

I think it works in combination with the solar panel because it only activates when it is dark (beyond a certain point). In a dark enough room, with just the right wrist snap, I never have to manually push the light button to see what time (or temperature) it is. That's a good thing too, because like any good American, I don't want to have to do ANYTHING that I shouldn't have to do and pushing watch buttons is no exception.

It's too bad that you can't get them anymore because many, many people have asked about the white G-Shock. If anyone knows where you can get them in the US please let me know!

UPDATE: Shinya Amano has translated AstLinux documentation for and he has done some research on this watch for me. He found the English manual. Thanks Amano!


Simonisays said...

Finally a post i can understand!! I must admit that I covet your watch Kris. If anyone does know where to get a White G-Shock, i would like to know was well. Then we would have to coordinate when we were going to wear them out so that we could match!

solar panel said...

Nice looking gadget. Is this a G-Shock? I too have foregone the wearing of watches a little after the rise of the cellphones. But this one is hard to pass. :)